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Fighting For Life is a play inspired by The Findlay Report. It provides an incredibly unique atmosphere for those attending performances to hear about and discuss what can be very difficult topics.

These topics include the challenges facing older carers; attitudes towards older people from health and social care professionals; the vulnerability of older people; role of family carers, family relationships and dynamics; communications and co-ordination between all stakeholders across different disciplines in the community, hospitals and nursing homes; Motor Neurone Disease; dementia; palliative care; grief and bereavement.


The format is similar to a radio play where the five actors involved sit on stools or chairs facing the audience and read the script in character. The five characters are: ‘Jim,’ his wife, ‘Joan,’ their ‘daughter, Sandra’ plus two actors playing a variety of health and social care roles between them. A sixth person reads out stage directions during the performance so audience members can understand who is speaking and where the action is taking place in each of the different scenes.

This format means that the play can be performed in a limited space, a bit like a pop-up theatre, as it does not require scenery or costume changes.

The performance lasts for around 40 minutes and is followed by a panel discussion involving a questions and answer session that is an important and integral part of the whole event. A Q&A chair ensures the discussion flows and everyone who wants to has a chance to speak.

There are some costs associated with hosting a performance of the play. The production is a non-profit endeavour and any costs are used exclusively for staging the play.

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    Discussions and final agreements about costs, venues, dates and times are held directly with Brian Daniels.

    If you would like more details and to further discuss what is involved in hosting a performance of Fighting For Life then please contact Brian Daniels:


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